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TRIP Life Skills

A unique training course equipping children and young adults with vital knowledge for the growth journey ahead.

6 Week Programme

Covering all aspects of the journey to becoming a young adult.


  • Relationships
  • Emotions
  • Spirituality
  • Family
  • Choices

Consistent reassurance and support

TRIP is for life. We support consistent support for all pupils, teacher and parents who embark on their TRIP journey.


We believe that the  Emotional well being of a child will completely alter their path if not cared for.  The best way to avoid disasters is to prepare and equip them to think for themselves and have the courage to make the right choices.
TRIP also comes along side the parents and care givers to support and enable them to parent the children in a way that opens doors of communication and gives them confidence to talk about difficult topics that are so vital for the healthy development of the children into Teenagers and Adults.

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” TRIP is the perfect way to break down communication barriers and support children through the growing up stage”

“The content covers a range of relevant and sensitive subjects in ways that allow pupils to express their own views and ask questions.”

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TRIP Life Skills prepares children to enter the journey ahead with confidence. For more information on the TRIP programme click below.

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