Joining The TRIP Movement

We offer a range of services to help you support your pupils with TRIP Life Skills, including 3 different methods of joining the TRIP movement. TRIP is delivered in schools through 6 once a week sessions, lead by a TRIP professional. You have the option to either book a TRIP professional to come to your school and deliver the course, this is offered only in the Nottinghamshire area at the moment. You can book a TRIP professional to hold an online teaching session where a member of our team will use Skype, Zoom or a platform of your choice to deliver the session to the pupils or the final option is for teachers to become trained in delivering TRIP to their school pupils. See more details below.

Book a TRIP Professional

If you are a Nottingham based school, a member of the TRIP team can personally come into your school to deliver the TRIP course every week. This is a great way of a trained professional giving your pupils the highest level of care and preparation for them to take on the future!

Online Sessions with a TRIP Pro

Regardless of your location, you have the option to book an online session course with one of our TRIP pro’s. You decide the platform you prefer, e.g. Skype or Zoom and we will arrange a session that fits with your lesson timetable. This is a great way of pupils gaining top tier training wherever in the world.

Teacher Led Session

Teachers wanting to train to become a TRIP professional will be supplied with access to the online TRIP portal where you will receive a learning log, teaching resources, videos and access to the teacher forum for all TRIP professionals. A great way of strengthening the relationship between teacher and pupil and pushing the schools academic abilities.

If you have any enquiries about the TRIP course then please contact us below